General Anesthesia

At Panorama Oral Surgery, we work with a certified anesthetist to administer intravenous sedation.

If you need general anesthesia, this is arranged at one of two major Winnipeg hospitals.

What is an anesthetist?

An anesthetist is a medical specialist. Your anesthetist is responsible for keeping you safe and comfortable during and after your procedure.

Under general anesthesia, patients are completely unaware of the details of their surgical procedure.

Since patients are “under” when they have general anesthetic, it is recommended for patients that require complex surgical procedures.

Do you offer general anesthesia on site?

When patients require general anesthesia for medical procedures, they will be treated in one of the two major hospitals by Dr. Blair Dalgliesh.

At the hospital we work with a team of  anesthetists who will be monitoring your care and will be responsible for the sedation required for your procedure.

Formal instructions will be given to you by our hospital coordinator.

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