IV Sedation

If dental anxiety is keeping you from receiving dental care, IV sedation can help you feel more comfortable during your oral surgery.

What can I expect when I am undergoing IV sedation?

During IV Sedation you will feel very relaxed, and calm. A feeling of contentment or general well being is typical.

While under intravenous sedation, unlike general anesthesia, patients remain conscious throughout.

You will think that you have been asleep, and will respond to commands. 

Our doctors and our Registered Nurse continuously monitor your blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, EtCO2 and respiratory rates to ensure that you’re reacting normally throughout your procedure.

After the treatment, you will remember little, if anything of the time you were sedated.

Unlike general anesthesia, patients under intravenous sedation are able to breathe without assistance. This function is fully monitored with hospital grade equipment.

IV Sedation, Winnipeg Oral Surgeon

Am I a candidate for IV sedation?

All patients who are in relatively good general health are appropriate candidates for intravenous sedation. Our anesthetist will ensure that you are in good hands at all times. Sedation options vary from mild to deep, depending on the extent of surgery that needs to be done, and your individual needs.

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