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Do dental implants look natural?

Are you considering replacing missing teeth with a dental implant? You may be concerned about whether your implant will look natural. Today, our Winnipeg dentists address this question.

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What are the benefits of wisdom teeth removal?

Our Winnipeg dentists explain the problems wisdom teeth can cause, the benefits of wisdom teeth removal, what the procedure involves, and how this dental surgery can help you feel better.

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What are the parts of a dental implant?

Your dentist might have recommended a dental implant to replace missing teeth, but have you ever wondered about the parts and process that will work together to help you feel comfortable living with an implant? Today, our Winnipeg dentists discuss the main parts of a dental implant.

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Is reconstructive oral surgery the right choice for me?

What is reconstructive oral surgery, and when would we recommend this procedure? Our Winnipeg dentists provide some facts and describe tell-tale signs of when patients may need it.

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What are the upsides of dental implants?

Are you wondering why your dentist has recommended a dental implant? In this post, our Winnipeg dentists list some reasons they may suggest this tooth replacement option.

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Why consider getting dental implants?

Have you experienced injuries or conditions that have caused missing teeth? Luckily, there are options to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile. Our, Winnipeg dentists discuss what dental implants are and why you might consider the procedure.

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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

If you are missing any teeth and will be undergoing a dental implant procedure then your dentist may need to perform a bone graft. In this post, our Winnipeg dentists explain bone grafts and how they are utilized for dental implants.

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How do I know when to have my wisdom teeth pulled?

Are you wondering when you should get your wisdom teeth pulled? Our Winnipeg dentists offer some advice about signs that your wisdom teeth should be removed.

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The Dental Implant Procedure

Replacing missing teeth is crucial to preserving your long-term oral health. To support a tooth replacement, your dentists may need to place a dental implant. Here, our Winnipeg dentists explain the process of dental implant surgery. 

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Why Your Dentist May Recommend a Root Canal

Has your dentist recommended you have a root canal? Our Winnipeg dentists explain the procedure, why you may need one and what you can expect.

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